"I know who's gunning for me" - Upen Patel
There's a definite design to demolish Upen Patel's reputation. And Upen knows who's behind the smearing schemes. "I'm being made out to be this publicity hungry woman-eating Casanova with nothing better to do than chase skirts. I know exactly who's behind these." Apparently, a certain section of the industry is determined to hold Upen up for ridicule. Off the record, he names some people who have in some way or other felt slighted threatened or rejected by the actor. "But the truth is I'm not here to take up a panga with anyone. I'm accused of having a temper problem. Fine. But do I display my temper unnecessarily? I got into a situation with the One Two Three director Ashwani Dheer. But did you see how silly I looked in One Two Three, especially when I take my shirt off in the middle of a song, everyone laughed when it wasn't meant to be funny." Upen takes a deep breath. “I'm accused of being the kiss-and-tell type. Will anyone, even my closest friends, be able to claim I've shared my girlfriend secrets with anyone? I'm not that kind of a guy." What about the stories of Upen whizzing past Mumbai's fast lanes with Tabu? "Did I call up journalists and say I'm seeing the lady? Did I plant stories of our friendship? No! The next thing I hear Tabu is upset with me, for what? What have I done? Or Tanissha for that matter. I've been shouting from rooftops that I'm single. Will someone please listen to me?" When other actor's past rares its head it's often an ugly occurrence, But Upen Patel feels he's being hounded for a perfectly normal past….sans hanky panky. "The latest attempt to force me unnecessarily into a corner is a group of pictures featuring me and Deepika Padukone released on the net by someone who has nothing better to do. Now, I'm being accused of leaking out those pictures! What would I gain by doing something so silly? It's not as if they're sleazy pictures. They're part of mine and Deepika's modeling days. We shot the photo-spread for a men's magazine. What's wrong with that? I've shot similar pics with other model-friends like Yana Gupta. What is the point of bringing them out? If they're meant to embarrass the lady, then they don't work. I'm very proud of my modeling days and all that I did back then." Upen insists he knows who his enemies are. "But I won't give them the pleasure of publicity by naming them. Neither will I let them demoralize me. I came to Mumbai from London with a dream. Today, I've made a place for myself and for my sister whose modeling agency is doing very well. I will make it big without being a star-son or having godfathers and sugar daddys in the industry."
Soha backs out of the Olympic torch relay
With just one day to go for the Olympic torch relay in the capital, actress Soha Ali Khan seems to have got the heebie-jeebies. The bubbly actress has backed out from carrying the Olympic torch in the relay and has even informed the Indian Olympic Association of her decision. What is quite strange is that Soha has cited purely personal reasons as the cause for her backing out at the last minute. For those who came in late, the Olympic torch relay event scheduled to take place in Delhi tomorrow has been affected by one controversy after the other. First actor Aamir Khan was asked by some members of the Tibetan community to not participate in the event, then star football player, Baichung Bhutia, opted out of the event and finally Aamir decided that he would be carrying the Olympic torch. With so many ups and downs, the Indian Olympic Association surely would heave a sigh of relief if and when the event goes on smoothly tomorrow.
Wish Lara Dutta a very Happy Birthday!
Download Lara Dutta wallpaper "Confidence comes not from always being right, but from not fearing to be wrong." The aforementioned words very plain-fully and aptly describe 'her', who is also Bollywood's very original and eternally brightest shining star. She is also been described as the 'reason' for one common disease: 'Insomnia' (lack of sleep), as most of her fans just can't stop thinking about her and hence can't sleep. She is none other than Lara Dutta, who celebrates her very delightful Birthday today. Having started her career with modeling and with the prestigious 'Miss Universe' crown resting on her head, Bollywood was the obvious next step for her. The wagging tongues that once said 'Models cannot act', are now sheepishly hiding their faces, since Lara has not just proved them wrong, but also has proved to the world that its not just her, but any girl, who wants to conquer the World can do so with just one quality: CONFIDENCE! So, what are you waiting for? Please give your B-Day wishes to this Birthday Girl who gave you many reasons to smile, by simply posting your wishes below.
Cinematographer Aseem Bajaj to shoot a film on Child Abuse
A brutal hard-hitting no-nonsense film on child abuse shot on the 16 mm format. That's what the U Me Aur Hum cinematographer Aseem Bajaj is off to shoot in London since 24 March. "It's an 18-minute film on child abuse as seen through the eyes of a 21-year old man, who has grown up with memories of murdering his mother and crucifying his abusive father . He kills both the parents because while the father abused him, the mother would watch and even encourage the abuse," says Bajaj. The film entitled Dissociation is directed by a young filmmaker Ish Thapar who is the son of the famed documentary maker Navin Thapar. Says Aseem, “The film is obviously based on a real life incident. When I asked the director, he said it was his friend's story. I'm just happy doing something that talks about a very real incident and how it scars the individual."
Three careers at stake
May is a crucial month for several entrants [actors, directors, writers, singers]. And at least three actors will be hoping for the best and keeping their fingers crossed - Mimoh Chakraborty [JIMMY], Sikandar [WOODSTOCK VILLA, SUMMER 2007] and Rajeev Khandelwal [AAMIR]. Ironically, all three newcomers are expected to face each other on the same date or a week later - May 16/23. The question is, what if the movies release on the same date? In an industry that's governed by the box-office [talent follows later], the newcomers would be hoping that they hit the jackpot in their very first release. Let's hope that the makers sort out the issue [averting the clash]. If not, let the best film [and newcomer] win!
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