Sizzling Hot Bod Kareena In Tashan

Move over Posh, to the back of the class Moss, Bebo is here with a new body and that not just men but even women are dreaming of.

Bollywood’s six pack brigade of Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khan is being given a run for its washboard abs by the ‘sex-packed’ Kareena Kapoor.

Whatever the Bootylicious Bebo did by way of body sculpting, seems to be working big time for Bollywood’s Heroine No 1. Kareena herself is kicked by her new avatar. "This is my look for Yash Chopra’s Tashan. I have really worked hard on my body. So when people say it’s a result of starving, I feel terrible. I am a Kapoor, I just love food, but zipping my mouth on the wrong food worked. Turning vegetarian also helped. I am into salads, now, and have discovered various ways of making them," said the actress explaining her waif-thin look in the film.


Her size zero international figure, Kareena revealed, was the result of yoga under the instruction of Payal Gidwani. Kareena practices yoga twice a day, an hour in the morning and one in the evening, and keeps a diet of six to eight mini meals of the simplest, most nutritious foods.

"This is Artistic Yoga, a more vigorous and dynamic form of the Indian science, it has been remodified for today’s youth," revealed Kareena. Payal admitted getting the actress to this size was a huge task. "When she started, she weighed 60 kg and found it difficult to lift even a leg. She could not do ten surya namaskars. Now she’s down to 49 kg and can do 100 surya namaskars at a go. It’s only her dedication and will power that has given her the desirable body she has always wanted," the yoga instructor added.

Her workout has not just reinvented Kareena for the big screen, but its meditation has also repackaged her and made her a calmer and more focussed person in personal life. But that only Saif Ali Khan can vouch for. And the Chhote Nawab, who is on his own fitness trip, is not talking!



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Raghav Sachar's music of One Two Three is an above average fare though one had far more expectations from the composer/singer who always has something new to offer.

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Krazzy Moves By Hrithik Roshan In Krazzy 4

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